Homeowners with older electric water heaters are looking to upgrade to newer, more energy efficient models. Those who decide to upgrade now will also benefit from a number of incentives and rebates, as well as lower electricity costs. Jason Hanleybrown from Fast Water Heater joined Margaret to talk more about the next generation of electric water heaters and brought a heat pump water heater to showcase. Rem Husted from Puget Sound Energy also joined the conversation, sharing why PSE is teaming up with Fast Water Heater to provide incredible rebates for their electric water heaters. (Please see below for a breakdown of savings on a new heat pump water heater).

Jason also has a special offer for New Day viewers: Fast Water Heater will mount free earthquake straps on any new electric water heater they install. For more information, visit Fast Water Heater's website or call: 866-574-2963 (If you're looking for tankless water heaters or would like to convert to natural gas heaters, they can help you with these, as well).

Here's a breakdown of savings on a new heat pump water heater, including all of the rebates and incentives available to customers:

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