Pres. Barack Obama on Tuesday used a televised address to the nation to explain his thinking on the ongoing fighting in Syria.

Local Syrian-Americans groaned during the President s speech.

I was hoping for more, said Razan Jazaeri, as she watched the address at her Bothell home. I have a lot of family there, and you know the situation is not good at all.

Think about the innocent lives of Syria, think about the little kids who lost everything, she said.

Seventy percent of my city is gone, it is wiped out, said Ayman Hakim, who sat on the couch nearby, and says he recently returned from Damascus. He is just buying time for the regime, giving Al-Assad the green light.

There was a unanimous opinion in the room - that military action was needed to rid Syria of chemical weapons. But they are also hoping for regime change.

Ayman Hakim said he is still confident that Bashar Al Assad will be removed from power either by force - or by the Syrian people

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