Some parents getting ready for back to school still don't know where their children are going class. A new computer system for the Seattle Public School District has delayed the flow of information to parents.

The district's new computer system, which in part sorts out school assignments, was supposed to be up and running two weeks ago. It went online Monday, but many parents are still in the dark.

Former KING reporter and frustrated mom Tonya Mosley is trying to make sense of the Seattle School District's new computer system.

We're right here looking at the new computer system and its not not fixed. Something's wrong, said Mosley.

She simply wants to know if and where her six-year-old daughter Audrey is enrolled in first grade.

The computer system says one thing. The district says something else. They have no record of her, said Mosley.

Her family had moved to the Leschi neighborhood in June from North Seattle and immediately signed Audrey up for the waiting list for Leschi Elementary. But there was no confirmation from the new online student information system.

District workers have been entering data around the clock, trying to ready the new system for the school year. It's finally online, but the delay means that nearly a thousand families on waiting lists still don't know their assignments.

We'll move it agressively once we are able to start moving it, said Susan Wright, Seattle Public Schools Information Officer. People will reach out to those parents and try to get to the waitlisted as quickly as possible.

As the clock ticks to the opening school bell, parents line up at district headquarters for last minute enrollment information. With the computer system, the district has learned a valuable lesson about the need to make a deadline.

The school district says that within two days, they will have the information parents need for kids on waiting lists. And they will be contacting those parents by phone on August 31.

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