SEATTLE - The power company in charge of the earthquake and tsunami-damaged Fukushima nuclear plant now admit they are having a very hard time stopping leaks of radioactive materials into the ground water and the Pacific ocean.

Japan s government is also announcing the level of concern at the plant has risen dramatically over the last few weeks.

The latest problem, reported this week, is that tanks have leaked more than 300 tons of radioactive water.

Other leaks, accidents and rising levels of radioactivity off shore from the plant have been reported since 2011 when the area was hammered by the quake and tsunami.

Some groups say the U.S. government should increase testing of seafood to make sure the fallout is not reaching U.S. shores and contaminating seafood.

Independent studies have found radioactive readings in some tuna but officials at NOAA s Fisheries lab in Seattle say the readings are extremely low and far from causing even the slightest health concerns for people eating the fish.

But the revelation that the leaks are so large and widespread did come as a surprise to NOAA and similar agencies in other countries.

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