SEATTLE -- Neighbors are warning neighbors in the Greenwood community about some homes targeted in a unique way.

Cassandra Allen's family home was burglarized August 8th.

This is where they cut it, said Allen as she pointed to cables on the side of her house. See they cut both lines.

Allen thinks the cables where cut to deactivate the alarm system. She also found her front door and side gate open when she returned home from work on a Thursday evening. Someone climbed into the house through her son's bedroom window.

The top of my dresser was swept into my pillow case that he or she then took, said Allen.

King 5 obtained the police report filed after the burglary. It states that jewelry, a guitar, a TV, and a projector were among items stolen.

Your heart is in your stomach. It is an awful feeling, said Allen.

Andrew Bauman lives next door.

We were all in the front yard all day long, so I guess maybe they waited until we left, said Bauman.

On the same day the Allen home was targeted, a bike that did not belong to Bauman was left at his home and a power drill was missing from the shed.

Allen spread the word to neighbors, and she found out two other homes in the area were reportedly burglarized in a similar way. On a Greenwood community chat site, neighbors reported that it appeared the burglars might have posed as painters, and drop cloths were placed over goods to obscure them for the walk from the house to the vehicle.

If it is this painter bandit, as you might call it, be on the lookout for this sort of thing, said Allen.

On Tuesday night, Seattle police were not able to confirm if burglars appear to be posing as painters or any specific details about recent burglaries in the area.

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