Stylist Darcy Camden showcased fashionable looks for all moms (and other women on the go!). We also met three real-life moms who tweaked their style with Darcy's help.

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Typically wears: bluejeans, black cardigan, white tank

What she was looking for: Color! Something fun, yet not too dressy

What we did: A bright green jean, a beaded tank and a black comfy blazer. Shaina is used to wearing black and white on top, so we stayed in her comfort zone, but did a more stylish variation with a beaded tank and a blazer vs. a sweater. The bright green pant adds the WOW factor, but it actually makes sense: the dark green will stand up to dirt and stains as well as a traditional blue jean.


Typically wears: yoga pants and solid color tanks or t-shirts

What she was looking for: layers and comfortable yet feminine clothes that look good on her petite frame

What we did: Lace tank and blush pink jacket; these comfy layers give her a really feminine look (everything is Simply Vera by Vera Wang, and who does feminine fashion better than Vera?). Her fitted black legging is similar in feel to a yoga pant but much for stylish.


Typically wears:jeans and a black t-shirt and a hoodie

What she was looking for:something comfortable, washable and jeans that don't fall down

What we did: Neon green draped tank (I wanted her to try a color she had never tried before), a navy cardigan and *perfect* dark skinny jeans.

Darcy's Shopping Tips for Moms:

#1. Go shopping alone, if you can. You will be more successful if you leave kids/friends/family/distractions at home and take some time to yourself.

#2. If you see something on the hanger that you're not sure about, DEFINITELY try it on. Often we think, I'm not sure about that, so I shouldn't try it Instead, indulge your curiosity. Take a second to try it on, you'll either like it or you won't (and you'll know for the future).

#3. Always take something that you've never tried before into the fitting room with you. There's no harm in trying a new color, a new shape or a new pattern. If you hate it, don't buy it (but you might surprise yourself!). Your willingness to try new and different things is what will save you from getting trapped in a style rut.

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