A battle of the birds is shaping up in Seattle's Eastlake neighborhood. It's one that pits Ride the Ducks against a real bird.

The popular tourist attraction wants to move its boat entry ramp to Eastlake. Residents of nearby houseboats haven't been shy about voicing their opposition to the proposal.

Now, they say the proposed move could put a very fragile neighbor at risk.

Well I've lived here for 40 years, and the wildlife is one of the things I love about it, said Claire Tangvald.

She says it's common to see beavers, ducks, eagles, and muskrats in their community, but a trio of osprey that showed up recently have neighbors really excited.

It's the first time the osprey have been there in years.

I heard them calling for two days before I figured out what it was, said resident Jan Carlson. And I don't think the osprey could survive here with all that noise and air pollution from the diesel engine.

According to the Audubon Society of Seattle, osprey remain a Species of Special Concern in the state of Washington, and its population is closely monitored.

When KING 5 contacted Ride the Ducks owner Brian Tracy on Wednesday to ask him about neighbors' concern for the osprey, he said this was the first time he'd heard about it.

Tracy pointed to other, busier locations where osprey have been known to nest, such as the streetlights above Interstate 5. For that reason, he doesn't think his boats will affect the birds or their future.

Eastlake residents aren't so sure. They worry the osprey would be forced out by Ride the Ducks.

There wouldn't be any wildlife here if they put a dock or a ramp going down into the water right there, said Carlson.

The final decision will be made by the City of Seattle. No time line has been set as to when that decision will be made.

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