SEATTLE - Surveillance video and a 911 call reveal more about the arrests of two off-duty Seattle Police officers. They have been charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence, according to the Seattle City Attorney's office.

Officer Marie Gochnour reportedly registered blood-alcohol levels of 0.234 percent and 0.247 percent in breath tests. Officer Sean Moore's breath sample was 0.161 and 0.149.

The legal limit is 0.08.

The officers were arrested Dec. 17, 2012. A witness called police and said a woman had hit a pole, then switched places with a male passenger. The car took off with front-end damage, according to the witness.

Officers arrived to find the man and woman parked several feet from the curb.

Officer Gochnour was taken to the North Precinct where she reportedly cursed at and gave the middle finger to the arresting officer. She stood up and rushed towards the officer in an aggressive manner, according to police documents.

Gochnour is a patrol officer and Moore is with the K9 unit. Both have been reassigned to desk duty during the investigation.

Gochnour's trial is scheduled to start next month. Moore's trial is scheduled to start in August. Moore's attorney, Eric Gaston, said he definitely thinks more facts will come out that will shed more light on the case.

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