Giving soccer advice to kids is nothing new for coach Pat Raney.

My very first team was a grade school team at St. Catherine's in 1954.

Nearly 20 years later, Raney began his coaching career at O'Dea High School in 1972.

I like being with the kids and help growing them up to be men, I think that's the main thing.

Pat has coached thousands of kids over his 42 year run with the Irish, but he's also had the pleasure to lead some of his own children.

He coached my brothers, and I'm just so proud of him, said daughter Mary Briner. I just sit and watch the impact he's had on all these kids in a really formidable time in their lives, and he's just a real solid influence.

Joey Briner is one of Pat's many grandkids, and this year Joey feels like he's the luckiest of them all since Grandpa gets to coach him.

Joey says, Because I've had an opportunity to learn from him on and off the field, he helps me grow as a person and a player.

While his 10 kids and 22 grandchildren are the numbers that matter most, Coach Raney has also won over 430 games, 14 Metro League titles and the state championship in 1990.

Raney has coached hundreds of all-league players including current Seattle Sounders FC defender DeAndre Yedlin.

He definitely brings out the most in every player, says Yedlin. He's very encouraging and positive with his players, every player that has played for him has liked him, he's a great coach and he should be proud of what he has accomplished.

Coach Raney says he's a blessed man, but now his time at O'Dea has come to an end.

I'm getting old, I'm 78-years-old. It's time to let some young guys take over and run with the ball.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but Coach Raney doesn't think he'll have a problem finding things to do with his time.

Oh, I have plenty to do, believe me. With 22 grandkids, yeah, got lots to do.

Of course, he's not completely done at O'Dea. Pat says he still plans to teach science next year.

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