Do you ever get halfway through your day and notice you have a deodorant mark on your nice black sweater? or find a missing button on your silk blouse? Today Darcy Camden is going to show you some quick and easy fixes to common fashion emergencies!

Emergency: You realize you have pen on your face
Wet a tea bag and rub the stain

Emergency: You notice you have deodorant on your shirt
Use a (dry) swatch of pantyhose to remove white deodorant

Emergency: You popped a button on your blouse.
Solution: Take the wire out of a grocery store twist tie and use to secure the button

Emergency: Your hem comes loose
Solution: HEMLOX! This awesome product invented by a instantly fixes or creates a hem. Shop at ($5.99 for a 4-pack, $9.99 for a 10-pack).

Emergency: The cap on your stiletto heel breaks
Replace it yourself with pliers and a hammer

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