OLYMPIA, Wash. -- An anarchist website stated that an emergency meeting was needed in response to ongoing FBI harassment regarding May Day. According the website, several people have received visits from the FBI at their homes.

A FBI spokesperson would not confirm if visits had taken place.

A group gathered at Traditions Cafe and World Folk Art on Monday to share stories and discuss what to do if they are visited by law enforcement.

Peter Litster volunteers at Media Island International in Olympia, and he said the FBI visited last week.

They said can you answer some questions and showed me the badge, said Litster. They said that they were here as a result of something having to do with May Day of last year.

Litster said the questions were about a person who used to work at Media Island International more than a year ago, and he was not able to provide any information.

I just hope they are not here to put down free speech or do anything that would interrupt or disrupt lawful protest activities, said Litster.

A spokesperson with the Olympia Police Department said they have received information that there may be increased criminal activity around May Day.Officers have been planning and preparing in advance.

Seattle police have been training for more than five weeks to get ready in case May Day erupts into the chaos and violence that did damage in downtown Seattle last year.
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