OLYMPIA, Wash. - The latest initiative filed by political activist Tim Eyman would limit the length of new taxes and ask voters if they want to amend the state constitution to require a two-thirds majority for all tax increases in the state.

Earlier this year, Washington s Supreme Court Justices said requiring a two-thirds majority for tax increases was unconstitutional.

Under state law, only legislators can initiate amendments, which eventually require voter approval to be enacted.

Eyman wants to give voters a chance this November to tell lawmakers to amend the constitution.

The natural instinct down here in Olympia without a two-thirds majority is not whether or not to raise taxes, said Eyman, It s how much to increase them.

If lawmakers do not refer an amendment to the public, under the initiative, all new taxes would expire one year after they go into effect.

Steve Zemke, from an organization called, told voters to refuse to sign or support the initiative.

They need to vote it down and start dealing with real problems in the state, said Zemke. How to fund education, how to fund repairing our roads.

When asked what he thought of the proposal, Governor Jay Inslee said, I have no comment on Tim Eyman.

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