The quartet of trans-Atlantic rowers who were capsized by a pair of waves Saturday morning are planning to find a way to recover the stricken boat this week.

The team, based with Seattle s OAR Northwest and the Canadian Wildlife Federation, was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard and a passing cargo ship and is now in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Back in January, the four men left Senegal to trek 3,500 miles to Miami, making them the first to row across the South Atlantic Ocean. After 73 days, two waves capsized the boat, spilling the occupants into the sea and ending their journey.

The story isn t, do you feel like you failed, explained rower Patrick Fleming. It s, look how much you succeeded.

Fleming, Jordan Hanssen, Adam Kreek and Marcus Pukonen are in San Juan determining how to recover the rowboat. There is no expectation of leaving it in the water because of the group s mission and valuable data contained inside.

Likely, according to Hanssen, the boat will be retrieved and brought back to Seattle. But he did not rule out the possibility the adventure could be resumed in the future.

I loved every single day I was out there, Hanssen said. It was hard, but it was beautiful. You can t separate those two things on the ocean.

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