Feel like a vacation?

Before you pack your bags, unpack great travel tips with the help of some handy websites and apps.

Bryan Trussel says vacation planning can be tough for a family of five. I'm so yearning to get somewhere warm, and hot and on a beach, no power, no connection, I'm really looking forward to that. has some fun hip travel destinations that you can drive to from Seattle. is another helpful family travel blog. It s written by Debbie Dubrow, mother of three. Whister I love it it's fun for the whole family, the kids can take ski lessons you don't have to drive far you don't have to plan much in advance.

Debbie has also created a travel app to help you with planning once you arrive at your destination. Called TripDoc, it costs $2.99 to download.

My husband and i travel a lot and I always had notes on paper and frankly it was kind of a mess, when we went on a trip, I had paper, notes scribbled. I wanted a way and to take all of that info we gathered and put it all in the phone and ditch the guidebook.

Thanks to TripDoc, you insert places you want to visit on your trip and share notes with family and friends.

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