A real-life lesson is happening at the University of Washington. The school is investigating food theft at campus cafeterias.

It involves more than 100 students and full-time food workers.

Sixteen workers have already been fired, and more could lose their jobs.

In late January, a food worker tipped off University officials that some workers gave their friends free food by manipulating cash registers.

People voided out transactions, ran cards through the register to make it look real, then passed the food across, says David Rey with the University's Housing and Food Services.

The University estimates that it lost nearly $800 in stolen food in the past few weeks.

Security cameras above the cashiers cleared some workers, showing that they did not participate in the scam.

Cameras also showed some of the customers who got the stolen food.

There are instances where student customers received food at no charge. We are looking at those cases individually and whether we take action, we have not decided, says Housing and Food Services Director, Pam Schreiber.

University Police are aware of the investigation, which currently is a labor issue and not a criminal probe.

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