PUYALLUP, Wash. -- A group of Puyallup high school students met at a cafe after school Monday. Fueled by caffeine and good ol' teenage energy, they move full steam ahead on finding new ways to persuade voters.

Using social media, they're getting the word out on the school bond measure in the upcoming election.

They shot and edited a short video clip to show how their district has more portables than any other district in the state.

We walked through all the portables to show the excessive amount we have at PHS, said Sonia Xu, a senior at Puyallup High School.

In Puyallup public schools, more than 4000 students get some or all their education in a portable.

At our school, on our campus, we have to cross the street to get to them, and we have to cross back, said Shelbi Hogenson, another student. And there's traffic. And if it's in the morning, then it gets cold.

Another promotional video features students from all three major high schools, Puyallup, Rogers, and Emerald Ridge. They submitted personal video testimonies on how the new bond would benefit them.

The students are volunteering in their spare time, helping bring a fresh look to traditional campaigning. Some of them aren't even old enough to vote.

I was born in June so I'm not going to be able to vote in this election, said Hogenson. But I think the people that can vote need persuading. So that's what I can do.

But these seniors are wise enough to know this is their chance to leave a legacy behind.

We are like planting a seed, said Xu, and we won't get to benefit from it. But future generations will, and I think that's really powerful and important.

The bond measure would raise $279 million for new construction and technology for the district. It needs 60 percent voter approval to pass.

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