Of the thousands of drivers that go over the Tacoma Narrows bridge each day, for some reason, a shooter zeroed in on her minivan.

The rear window is a frightening reminder of how lucky the mother of three was. The fragments hit two seats where her 5-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son usually sit.

It went all the way through the seat, she said. And the headrest in the seat before. It would have gone through my daughter's head.

She asked not to be identified.

At 4 a.m. on Sunday, she was by herself, driving eastbound across the bridge when her back window suddenly exploded.

I thought I might have been shot at, but I really didn't know what happened.

For the last few days, a forensic team went through the car removing the bullet fragments. Her husband is seeing the damage for the first time today.

There were a lot of times she goes to work that she actually has the kids in the car and drops them off at the grandparents, he said. It could have been one of those days. You're wondering 'what if?'

The incident at the Tacoma Narrows bridge wasn't the only shooting early Sunday morning. About a half hour later, another car was shot multiple times, heading northbound on I-5 through Tacoma between 38th and 56th. The car was a Dodge Charger. The woman driving it was not injured.

The Washington State Patrol says in both cases, the rounds came from behind the cars at ground level, not from an elevated position like an overpass. While the incidents are similar in time and proximity, different weapons were used on each car. And troopers have reasons to doubt they're related.

Where the first incident took place on 16, they would have to go southbound on I-5, take an exit and go northbound on I-5, said trooper Guy Gill. It just doesn't really add up to us.

Investigators are hoping witnesses come forward, especially any commercial vehicles that were in the area that morning. They do not believe either incident was tied to road rage.

There was heavy fog on Sunday morning, which would have hampered visibility.

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