Some of the prettiest flowers to have around the house during the holidays are amaryllis plants, and now is the time to plant them to get them to bloom in time! Here's how you do it:

Create a blast of holiday color and teach your kids how fun gardening is by growing a giant amaryllis bulb this holiday season. The huge bulbs are available at local nurseries and produce several enormous 8 to 9 inch trumpet shaped flowers that come in every color from red, pink, orange and white, as well as striped or with multicolored markings. If you want to enjoy the flowers during the holidays, buy and start one right away, as they can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to bloom. Here's how to do it.

Choose a decorative pot that is about an inch wider than the bulb.

Plant the bulb so that the top third is above the soil. Water it well, firming the soil around the bulb to make sure it's snug.

Place your amaryllis in a warm location in full sun, and as the stalk begins to grow, remember to turn the pot everyday to keep the stalk growing straight.

Water about once per week and fertilize once per month with a half-strength dilution of soluble houseplant food.

The giant flower stalk grows so fast it s liable to knock you over! Once it begins blooming keep it in a cool location and the flowers will last longer. Keep your holiday Amaryllis looking great by cutting off individual flowers as they fade.

When all the flowers on a stem have faded, cut off the stem and get ready for a nice surprise. A big healthy bulb will usually follow up with one or even two more flowering stems before the holiday show is over.After the flower dies back, cut the stalk off at the top of the bulb.

Happy Holidays!

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