It turns out that my fond memories of McDonald s Egg McMuffins, usually enjoyed in the backseat of my parents wood-sided station wagon while on road trips, don t make McMuffins eaten now, as an adult, any less disappointing. Some things are best left as nostalgic taste snapshots, I guess. Except when a craving calls, and then I head downtown for a breakfast sandwich at Dahlia Bakery. There, they ve taken all the elements ham, cheese, fried egg, English muffin and given care to every last bite: house-cured ham, a cushiony fresh-baked muffin, and, depending on the season, grilled asparagus or a fresh slice of tomato and goat cheese packed inside. I like the thin-sliced ham with egg, cheddar and mustard, but you might like the bacon, cheddar and arugula ($5.75 each). The tricky part, now, is finding someone to drive me around while I eat.

Breakfast until 10 a.m. daily; Sat. and Sun. until 3 p.m. Downtown, 2001 Fourth Ave.; 206.441.4540;

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