When it comes to fashion, let s face it, there are a lot of rules you hear about. How do you know when you can break those rules or if they are out-dated? Today, Darcy Camden joined us to help debunk some of these fashion myths and showcased some great styles!


TRUE OR FALSE?Black cannot be worn with dark blue.

FALSE.When you're wearing navy with black, you should try to play up the differences in tone. Wearing a white shirt under a navy blazer with black pants will help delineate the hues, making your outfit look intentional instead of accidental.Opt for brighter and bolder blues like cobalt or sky blue if you plan to pair them with black. REGARDING SUITS (listen up, men!):

While it's sometimes hard to distinguish some hues of navy from black, trying to pass them off as matching can big a big mistake. If you have a navy suit jacket and can't find the matching slacks, substituting black ones isn't a good idea. You can wear a pair of tan pants, khaki or grey with a navy jacket (and--note!--brown shoes with navy)

TRUE OR FALSE? Horizontal stripes will make you look heavier.

FALSE.Believe it or not, a study done by a perception expert at the University of New York found that people don't perceive others wearing horizontal stripes as heavier -- they actually perceive them as thinner.Like any pattern, though, stripes will draw attention to the area where they're worn. You can minimize that effect by reducing the area with stripes -- like wearing a blazer or a cardigan over a striped top.

TRUE OR FALSE? Your belt and your shoes and your purse should always match.

FALSE.Shoes, belts and purses can be statement pieces in an outfit, and it could look a bit garish if you tried to match all of your accessories to a boldly colored pair of heels. And, most importantly, you wouldn't want to forego buying that amazing pair of shoes just because there isn't a belt/purse to match.The trick is to find hues in the same color family and overall complementary pieces.

TRUE OR FALSE? You should never wear white after Labor Day.

FALSE.You'll often find coats, sweaters and pants in winter white, which is perfectly acceptable to wear. While the color white is perfectly acceptable in the winter, light fabrics, like linen, are not weather appropriate.

TRUE OR FALSE? You can't wear silver and gold together.

FALSE.As we all know, there are two primary metallic colors in the world of jewelry--gold and silver. But if you have a gold wedding band, are you doomed to never wear a silver piece of jewelry again? No way! You can definitely mix metallics. It's fine to wear a yellow gold statement necklace if your staple jewelry (wedding ring, watch) is silver or white gold. You can also mix in other hues like rose gold, gunmetal, etc. Tip: look for fashion jewelry that features multiple metals, it will go with everything!

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