A new KING 5 poll of Washington state residents finds most adults who saw the play that decided last night s Seahawks-Packers game, believe the Packers did indeed intercept the ball.

Our poll finds 44 percent say they would call it an interception, while 36 percent believe the Seahawks made the touchdown. Nevertheless, 40 percent tell SurveyUSA, a win is a win and they re celebrating for the Seahawks, while only 18 percent of Washington state residents say they feel sorry for the Packers.

Irrelevant breakdown of the day: Democrats are more likely to believe the Seahawks made a touchdown (47 percent vs. 37 percent who believe it was an interception), while Republicans are more evenly split (40 percent to 42 percent). This is likely influenced by the fact that fans in the Puget Sound area were more likely to back the referees call than those in eastern Washington.

And among those age 18-34, 50 percent believe the Seahawks completed the pass, vs. only 34 percent of those over age 65.

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