When the residents of Pacific got their utility bills from the city last week, there was a new message printed on the bottom of the bill.

It read: Mayor Sun will soon be posting a blog on the following website:

(See an example below. The message about the blog appears under the total due line.)

The website appears to be the embattled mayor s personal blog. In the single entry, dated September 9, 2012, Sun writes about how the recall decision lies with the voters, and his fight against city corruption and cover up. Sun also writes about how $10.9 million dollars is missing from the city s coffers.

He also defends himself against the Writ of Mandate that is now requiring him to fill some of the vacant city positions, and warns his readers that the COUNCIL is in complete CONTROL, and admits that at times the intimidation and humiliation are so intense, I keep looking at people.

Some question whether promoting the mayor s blog on the city s utility s bills is proper use of city resources. The a spokesperson for the state auditor s office says this may be one of the items it looks into when it conducts its routine annual audit in October.

Tyler Firkins, an attorney representing the mayor says it is his understanding that the space at the bottom of the utility bills has been used by other city leaders and departments in the past, as a means to deliver a variety of messages to customers. Firkins says even though it may be a personal blog, the content has to do with the city matters and is pertinent to utility customers who are residents of the city.

City of Pacific Utility Bill 0912

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