The National Transportation Safety Board recommended Wednesday that Boeing and Airbus install cameras on wingtips of medium to large jets to avoid ground collisions during taxiing.

The problem, says the transportation safety agency, is that pilots can t see where their wingtips from the cockpit.

The recommendation comes after three incidents since April of 2011, when large jet wingtips came into contact with smaller planes.

One of those incidents occurred at Chicago s O Hare International Airport on May 30 of this year, when the right wingtip of an EVA Airlines 747 struck the rudder of an American Eagle jet while taxiing.

Two incidents in April and July of 2011 involved wingtips of Boeing 767s and a giant Airbus 380 also striking smaller regional jets.

All three incidents are still under investigation.

The NTSB wants to see planes, such as Boeing 747, 757, 767 and 777 aircraft, and the Airbus 380, equipped with cameras or other anti-collision aids.

A system that can provide real-time information on wingtip clearance in relation to other obstacles will give pilots of large airplanes an essential tool when taxiing, says NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman.

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