The news of Kathi Goertzen s passing has shaken this community. So many of us are devastated. I know I am.

I had the privilege of working with Kathi for 18 years at KOMO. She was the heart of that newsroom, and the soul of this community.

For a dozen years we watched Kathi fight for her life. And as she fought, we prayed. Fans. Friends. Family. All of us. ... All of us feeling so helpless each time, but knowing our Kathi, everyone's Kathi, would battle these stubborn brain tumors that kept coming back, battle the tumors the only way she knew how, with grace and courage and the strength of a champion.

That was Kathi's way. And that s why we admired her and loved her so much.

The endless surgeries and radiation took their toll. She joked about it recently on a Facebook post:

What a sight for sore eyes, she wrote about herself. I really AM smiling!

That was Kathi. She was trying to make us feel better.

When I worked at KOMO, she always had me in stitches over something. I often told her she was the funniest person I knew. And I marveled at how good she was at what she did. Her on-camera presence was always reassuring when our community needed reassurance. And she cared so much. Often, after an emotional story when it was her turn to read, she couldn't get the words out as she choked back her tears. That was Kathi. Now it's we who are in tears.

For Kathi Goertzen this journey, as she put it, was a real lesson in patience. Through it all, she continued to believe she was one of the luckiest people on Earth. We're the lucky ones to have known her.

What kept Kathi going and gave her strength was knowing all the support and love she was getting from all of you. And the prayers. Kathi believed in the power of prayer. Time and time again, our prayers were answered.

There are no words that can express how much we will miss her. I can't imagine a world without Kathi Goertzen.

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