Just one day after a weekend of blue skies and tropical temperatures in the Northwest, thunderstorms are in the forecast, raising concerns in wildfire country.

A red flag warning is out Monday for Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon and Northern Idaho.

The warning comes from the volatile combination of dry lightning, wind and low humidity in the forecast, all of which create perfect wildfire conditions.

Only a few thunderstorms may make it across the Cascades into the Puget Sound region Monday. They are forecasted to diminish after noon, giving way to cooler temperatures in the 70s.

Here are the latest lightning strikes in our area:

Already there is a 4,000 acre wildfire burning in Douglas County, the Antoine Creek Fire. Crews just got a hold of the Crane Road Fire, burning in the same area around the town of Brewster.

Temperatures broke records on Sunday when it hit 93 degrees at Sea-Tac Airport, 94 degrees in Olympia and 85 degrees in Bellingham.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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