PACIFIC, Wash.-- Already embroiled in controversy, Pacific Mayor Cy Sun is in more hot water.

Hours after being arrested at Pacific's city hall, the King County Sheriff's Department announced that Sun is under innvestigation for destroying city records.

Pacific police officers arrested their mayor Thursday after he hired a locksmith to try to get inside the city clerk's office.

Sun said he needed to get into the clerk's office to access personnel files while the clerk is on medical leave. He said he was arrested because the officer said he could not go inside the office.

They say I don't belong there, I shouldn't be there because they don't trust me, Sun said.

Sun said he should be allowed into any office within city hall.

Pacific Police Department don't understand, I am the boss, said Sun.

Last month, residents packed the city council chambers calling for Sun's resignation. He has been accused of running the city as a dictator, firing department heads, signing off on permits without permission and destroying documents.

Sun said he was released from jail Thursday after getting a warning to stay out of the clerk's office. Following his release, he remained defiant, saying he would not be quitting.

I will not resign unless I'm recalled. Now that's a challenge, said Sun.

Pacific business owner Tracey Apata is organizing the effort to recall the mayor.

She said she hopes his arrest will help her campaign.

This is a great small town, said Apata. It's sad one person can make decisions that have this many ramifications.

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