LYNNWOOD -- The Lynnwood City Council listened to a number of residents who sounded off at a community meeting over traffic enforcement cameras in the city.

Some Lynnwood residents love red light cameras. They feel like intersections are safer and that they generated much needed revenue for the city, especially during a recession.

But revenue from the citations is also one of the reasons people are against them. Some also cite due process, since the citations are given to the owners of the offending cars, who are not always the drivers.

Last October, the city renewed its 5-year contract with American Traffic Solutions, Inc., the company which supplies the cameras. But Council President Loren Simmonds says public outcry has forced some of the newer council members to revisit the decision.

Simmonds, who was part of thecouncil 5 years ago thatvoted toinstall the cameras,says the mainintent was always public safety.

It's having an impact of modifying driving behavior, and that has always been the objective, says Simmonds.

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