As the school year comes to an end, New Day is so proud to have teamed up with Sterling Bank for the New Day Hero Awards.

This award recognizes young people in our community who exemplify simple acts that spread a positive wave of kindness and compassion, as demonstrated through Rachel's Challenge . Rachel's challenge is a national movement that was started by the family of Rachel Scott, who was the 1st person killed at Columbine.

The challenge is to start a chain reaction of compassion among young people. And it's not just with our New Day Hero Award that Sterling is involved...this mission trickles down to Sterling Bank's employees and the work they do in their communities.

Sterling's Market PresidentBob Weisel presentedour3rd award toJarrett Martin. Jarrett is considered a pro-skydiver, and had an unexpected fall which left him paralyzed from the chest down. Within six months Jarrett was back to jumping. In 2011, he competed for style and accuracy at the USPANational Skydiving Championships. He continues to be a inspiration in all walks of life, encouraging people to look at the bright side of life and to never give up on what they love.

Jarrett will be at a fundraising event on July 7th and 8th at the indoor skydiving facility iFLY Seattle , in Tukwila. Proceeds from flights and merchandise will go to benefit Pushing Boundaries , which helps people living with paralysis.

Visit i-FLY for more information by clicking here.

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