SEATTLE - For the first time we are getting some specifics in just what the City of Seattle thinks is wrong with the Department of Justice report on the department's use of force.

The rebuke of the report comes in a filing in the case of a racially charged videotaped incident involving Martin Monetti, Jr. Monetti is the man who appeared to be stomped on by an SPD officer while prone on the ground. Monetti's lawyer is arguing to introduce the DOJ report as evidence, the City is fighting to have it excluded.

There are many negative factors that weigh against the reliability and trustworthiness of the DOJ report, City Attorney Peter Holmes wrote in the brief. Holmes added, The City will be able to show significant quantitative and methodological errors in the report...

KING5 News is pouring through the documents and will have more details soon.

You can view the document below.

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