PORTLAND A person was bitten by a rabid bat in east Multnomah County earlier this month, according to Oregon health officials.

The bat was taken to a veterinarian for testing on Tuesday May 15th, and it was carrying rabies, according to the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory.

This is the second bat to test positive for rabies in 2012, and the first one in Multnomah County since 2008.

The bat had been wounded by a neighborhood cat and the resident was trying to rescue it when it bit them.

After the incident, health officials were warning people to avoid bats that appear to be sick, flopping around, or behaving unusually. Most human exposures to bat rabies are a result of handling a sick bat.

Cats have the highest probability of contracting rabies from bats and pet owners are reminded to make sure their animals are vaccinated.

Dogs, cats and ferrets that do not have a current rabies vaccination and who have come into contact with a bat are subject to euthanasia or a six month quarantine under Oregon law. If the bat is captured, it can be tested for rabies at the animal owner's expense.

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