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When was the last time you went to work or school without wearing makeup, and with your hair just as it would be without hairspray or flat iron?

Hundreds of girls and women across the country plan to do just that on Friday, May 18, in a daylong celebration of being Only You.

Only You is the idea of two middle-school girls in Phoenix.

Promoting their campaign on Facebook, Gabby Klein and Michaela Good said they are tired of being judged for the way they look. They said girls are bombarded with messages from their peers, the media, and sometimes even from their own families.

The girls are hoping to change the norm, at least for a day. They said it's time for girls (and women) to stop being afraid of being themselves and to be proud of who they are.

We've asked some of our Facebook friends if they would be willing to go without makeup for a day. Many have shared photos and the one word that describes them.

You can share your own Only You photo on our Facebook page, and we will include in in our online photo gallery.

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