PORTLAND - Did you know you can go green by drinking the right red?

Wineries and grocery stores are teaming up and taking part in the Carbon Reduction Challenge.

The wineries are becoming more environmentally friendly by reducing energy use and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Chehalem is one of 18 wineries in both Oregon and Washington taking part in the challenge. It s taking a number of steps to reduce its carbon footprint.

We minimize the amount of mowing ... we re doing more sustainable practices in the vineyard which in turn minimizes the amount of biofuels we use, said Chehalem winemaker Wynne Peterson-Nedry.

The winery also uses honeybees in place of chemicals to keep the pests out. It recently switched to much lighter wine bottles to cut down on materials, weight and fuel. And to reduce bottling waste it now allows customers to recycle special wine bottles.

This week, bottles from those wineries went on display at local New Seasons stores as well as the Hollywood Fred Meyer.

If you re going to drink wine and you go past this and see this ... it s a little extra incentive, said shopper Spencer McCabe I think it s a great thing for our environment and for Oregon wines, added Leslie Boom, wine steward for Fred Meyer.

So now you can sip and help save the environment one bottle at a time.

Right now, 18 wineries are taking part in the challenge but more will likely join in.

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