SEATTLE -- You've seen the ad campaign, I am a Mormon. Well, now a new campaign has just launched on Metro buses this one saying, I'm a Palestinian. With no reference to Israel this time, Metro is allowing the Palestinian message on its buses.

The ads started on Monday, plastered on 12 Metro Transit buses saying, I'm a Palestinian....equal rights for all.

Its the latest from SeaMAC, The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign, a small group dedicated to the Palestinian cause.

We want to tell King County that Palestinians deserve equal right, said Ed Mast with SeaMAC.

Backup a few years, SeaMAC tried to launch an ad saying, Israeli war crimes...your tax dollars at work, on buses in 2010.

Metro Transit had approved the campaign but under pressure dropped the campaign and the billboards never went on buses. Metro said the ads could cause security problems.

SeaMAC called it censorship, but lost their court challenge.

To get their message out, SeaMAC modeled their new ads off the Mormon ads.

Metro says the new Palestinian campaign follows their advertising policy citing similarities to the Mormon ads. So far, Metro has received no complaints about this one.

The new Palestinian ads will be on Metro buses for the next four weeks. Meanwhile, the ACLU continues to represent SeaMAC in its lawsuit appeal against King County.
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