BREMERTON, Wash. - The owners at Juanito's Taco Shop don't know Amina Bowman, but they wanted to help the little girl and her father.

This poor gentleman has no opportunity to work today, said Juanito's Johnny Careaga, So we're working for him.

Amina, an eight-year-old girl, was shot by another third grader at Bremerton's Armin Jahr Elementary School last week.

She's at Harborview in serious condition.

The staff at Juanito's announced they would give all of their proceeds from Wednesday's sales to the girl's family.

Moments after the restaurant opened, the line of customers weaved through the place.

It's pretty impressive, said Amina's baseball coach Jonny Haywood, who spoke to KING 5 News while he waited in the long line for food

The owners expected to raise more than $2000 for Amina's family.

Her father asked the principal at Armin Jahr to have Amina's classmates wear purple to school Wednesday to show their support for the girl.

Purple is Amina's favorite color.

Paula Powell's granddaughter Ella, who attends Armin Jahr, wore purple shoes, pants, a skirt, shirt and hair ribbon.

Just to let her know everyone's thinking of her, said Powell.

Late Wednesday Juanito's said they will be donating $1882.88 from the till and another $2427.90 in donations for a grand total of $4310.78 to Amina's family.

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