PUYALLUP, Wash. The folks who live in the Country Hollow subdivision followed the twists and turns of the Powell story closely - many of them felt emotionally connected -- especially to the fate of the children.

The Powell kids used to play on a street two miles from the scene of the fire.

They would run up and down the streets and stuff you know, said Rodney Kaio.

Neighbors remember Charlie and Braden's innocence and laughter.

They asked me can we play here and I say you can play here and they make paintings here and on the walkway, said Bhupinder Dadi

On Sunday, a sheriff's car sat at the corner as deputies met with the remaining Powells.

It was devastating, it makes you sick to your stomach really, said Amber Aarke.

It was two years ago that Josh moved into the house with his father Steven. The news of his wife Susan's disappearance quickly made the rounds.

Then came the charges of pornography and voyeurism against Josh's dad.

Josh moved out a few months ago but neighbors still had high hopes for the two boys, who were living with their maternal grandparents.

That's who Aakre's heart goes out to.

For them to fight for them for so long and they finally get custody and then to have them ripped away again. It's horrible, he said.

Most of all their hearts go out to the two boys.

I'm still in shock and numb. I cannot understand why he would take his two little boys with him, said Kaio.

Their short lives were filled with loss and unrest.

Not the babies, man. I'm glad he died. I'm glad he died. I'm glad he died, said Barry Carpenter.

Josh's sister and brother still live in the house.

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