Shea Homes last week settled a class-action lawsuit brought by 850 homeowners in the company's Trilogy development in Redmond Ridge, part of unincorporated King County just east of the Redmond Watershed Preserve.

Shea will pay $2.4 million total to settle claims that poor construction caused mold problems at more than half the homes in the Trilogy development.

The homeowners' suit claimed that Shea failed ... by not properly cleaning and priming the wood on the eaves and soffits ... before applying the first coat of paint. And, by using damp, wet, contaminated or unfit wood.

Retired doctor Peter Wasserman paid $650,000 for his new Trilogy home in 2005. Mold started to show up two to three years after the house was constructed, he said.

Another Trilogy owner, Loren Lewis, bought his home five years ago for $600,000. Within a few years, mold started growing under the roof.

Lewis said he did everything I could to make it look better, but it's right back the way it was, mold.

When Wasserman complained, Shea told him the mold was his fault, due to poor maintanance.

I dont think they had alot of experience building up here in the Northwest, Wasserman said. They're out of Arizona.

Under the settlement, the homeowners will get about $3,000 each to make the needed repairs.

A Shea vice president had no comment when contacted by KING 5. The company is currently building more homes in Redmond Ridge.

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