SEATTLE -- Thursday will a challenging day for Seattle police officers. Two of their own will be laid to rest.

Greg Suggett was diagnosed with leukemia in December and died within weeks. Officer Rick Nelson took his own life last week.

Detective Greg Suggett was with SPD for 15 years, and spent over seven of those years working forensics out of the EastPrecinct.

Sgt. Tom Doran says Suggett was a jack of all trades that took his job seriously but knew there was more to life than just work, especially when it came to his wife and five children.

He was afamily man, he spent every minute with his family. He didn't allow his career to super-cede that, said Sgt. Doran.

Doran says when the department learned of the diagnosis, no one expected the 45-year-old Suggett to be gone so soon.

Things like this, Greg's sudden death in some ways makes us feel more vulnerable. We expect the dangers on the street, said Sgt. Doran.

The department must now cope with burying another colleague and friend.

These are terrible things but there are good things that come out of them sometimes, andI definitely see the department coming together, said Sgt. Doran.

Both Suggett and Nelson will be buried Thursday but the services are staggered so officers can attend both.

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