The American Pain Foundation reports that back pain is the #1 reason for disability among people under 45. Stress, fatigue and poor posture can all contribute to back spasms, and that can spiral into truly debilitating problems. We welcomed the posture guys Matt Franklin and Mike Lane to give us some tips.

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5 Tips for Good Posture:

1.Palms up trick. Occasionally, if you feel your shoulders slouching forward at your desk, simply turn your palms upward. You ll feel your chest open and your shoulders go back. You also might feel your back straighten. We recommend doing this at least hourly when you re working at a computer.

2.Arm circles. Occasionally, to relax tight back muscles and straighten the upper back, hold your arms out, straight to your sides, with your palms up. Do 20 rotations forward and 20 backward. You ll instantly feel better and when you resume working, you ll be sitting straighter and breathing more efficiently.

3.Rubber band trick: Take a couple rubber bands, and holding them with both hand at about the diaphragm level, gently pull outward and feel your shoulder blades come together. This simple exercise strengthens your upper back and helps create the habit of good posture.

4.Rubber band trick #2: Hold the rubber band in both hands, behind your head at the top of your neck. Gently push the head backward against the tension of the rubber band. This is a simple and easy way to prevent head forward posture.

5.Occasionally, throughout the day, sit at the very edge of your seat with your feet flat on the floor. The lack of back support and flat-footed position encourages upright, straight posture.

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