WESTSEATTLE -- Most of Amanda Knox's family is in Italy, waiting to hear whether she will be freed on a murder appeal, but her grandmother stayed behind.

Knox's four-year trial has been both emotionally and financially crushing to Elisabeth Huff. Now, at 74-years-old, after working her entire adult life, Huff is deeply in debt. She said has spent $250,000 to help free Amanda.

When things go not right they can always rely on me to be there, she said.

But Huff is hopeful she'll see her granddaughter again.

Amanda is my birthday present if she gets out. I have a birthday this month and I plan on having a birthday present! she said.

Huff describes herself as a doting grandmother. Her West Seattle home is overflowing with toys and memories of all of her grandchildren, especially her first, Amanda.

I was just in tears when I got it, said Huff, looking at a bright portrait of herself hanging on her living room wall. Amanda painted the image in the Italian jail as a Christmas present for her grandmother.

Knowing her granddaughter is in jail is the hardest for Huff to stomach.

I wake up at night and my first thought goes, 'What is Amanda up to now?'

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