As President Obama prepares to come to Seattle for a fundraising trip this weekend, a new KING 5 poll finds 49% of Washington residents have no confidence in Obama s ability to improve the economy. SurveyUSA found 43% say they have confidence in the President, while 8% aren t sure.

In the Puget Sound area, the number expressing confidence in the President s handling of the economy was 48%. In eastern Washington, only 34% said they had confidence in Obama s economic policies; 60% said they did not.

The KING 5 poll finds the state is evenly split on whether Obama s job plan will actually create jobs in Washington state, where official unemployment hovers over 9%. In the poll of 600 adults statewide, 34% believe Obama s plan will not create jobs, while 32% believe it will, and 34% say they do not know.

As for Obama s proposal to increase taxes on high-income earners, the President has more support. The KING 5 poll finds 65% supporting the concept of increasing taxes on individuals making more than $200,000 and couples making more than $250,000.

The KING 5/SurveyUSA poll has a margin of +/- 4.1% and includes those with home telephones and cell phones.

Seattle Sick Leave bill: Mayor Mike McGinn is scheduled to sign the sick leave bill into law today. It requires all Seattle employers to provide their employees with paid sick leave.

520 Bridge pontoons: Tolling or no tolling, the 520 bridge replacement is moving forward. Today the DOT unveils the progress it has made on constructing the 33 new pontoons. The work is being done in Aberdeen.

More signs of the recession: The Washington Budget and Policy Center crunched more of the latest census figures and came up with this: median household income in Washington state declined by nearly $2,000 to $55,631 from $57,416 (after adjusting for inflation) from 2009-2010.

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