SEATTLE Three Seattle Police officers have been suspended for using vulgar language while making an arrest.

The incident in question happened on Capitol Hill in March of 2010.

Two squad cars with four officers pulled over alleged gang members who were allegedly driving recklessly.

The suspects were Latino and were using vulgar language. The three suspended officers were white and were also using vulgar language.

Officer Brett Schoenberg, referring to male genitals, told a suspect, (blank) my (blank).
Schoenberg was suspended for 20 days.

Officer Casey Steiger told a suspect I m going to break your (blanking) neck.

Steiger was suspended for 15 days.

Officer Corey Williams said I m going to skull (blank) you and drag you down the street.

He was suspended for 20 days.

The fourth officer did not use profanity and was not disciplined.

The vulgar words were recorded on police car dash cams, but the videos are not being released to the public.

The officers justified their gutter language, saying dealing with obvious gang-bangers, it's the way we have to talk to them, to de-escalate the situation.

But the police office of accountability ruled the profanity lacked professionalism.

Police policy does allow occasional use of profanity, but it is discouraged.

The three officers are going to appeal the severity of their discipline.

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