SEATTLE -- At Seattle's Museum of Flight, Lewis Jensan and his Ballard High School classmates take mental notes on the very last launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

It's really amazing, said Lewis, who hopes to watch Space Shuttle Endeavor up close and personal in April. The idea of putting something I made on a space shuttle is like, oh my God, that's amazing!

The astronomy and biotech students are the only in Washington selected to send a space experiment into space.

They are growing E. Coli in space see how it grows in that environment.

If it doesn't grow, that's very important because if we're going to plan to grow in space we need to know if it can grow in space reliably, says senior Paul Menendez.

We'll have the experiment for years, says teacher Eric Muhs. We'll be able to freeze them down and there will beyears of biotech Ballard students to work with them.

Fifteen school groups nationwide have been selected to include an experiment aboard the Shuttle Endeavour as part of the Students Spacelift Experiments Program.

The students are now raising funds to pay for a trip to see the April 19 Endeavor launch in Florida.

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