SEATTLE A teenager, whose brutal beating inside Seattle's Metro Bus Tunnel garnered national attention earlier this year, has been attacked again. The suspects allegedly include a girl convicted in the bus tunnel beating.

The newest attack on Aiesha Steward-Baker happened at night on Dec. 3 near a bus stop at Third Avenue and Pine Street near the downtown Macy's store.

Prosecutors say the attackers yelled Isn't that the (expletive) you beat up in the tunnel? They also called her a snitch, and asked why you downtown?

The suspects then allegedly proceeded to spit on Steward-Baker and her friend, pulling their hair and kicking them, stealing Steward-Baker's purse and her coat.

20-year-old Allecia Carson has been charged with 2nd Degree Robbery in this latest attack. Two other juvenile girls could also face charges. One of the juveniles was allegedly part of the group of assailants in the January bus tunnel attack.

Six suspects were eventually convicted in the January attack.

Last August, Steward-Baker herself was also convicted of an unrelated robbery in Snohomish county. Neither she nor her mother could be reached to comment Tuesday.

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