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WEST SEATTLE -- For almost two decades, it's warmed many hearts during the holidays. But now a local family Christmas display is getting national attention.

The Menashe family house on West Seattle's Beach Drive will appear on a Christmas special on the Learning Channel this weekend.

The display is so big, family members have now enlisted their friends to help out.

It's kinda fun, for starters, says friend Damon Stewart.

People are already stopping by and honking their horns and you get a sense that people look forward to this, says Owen Wright, another family friend.

It takes a whole week to put up and months to prepare what has become a legendary display.

We have 250,000 lights, says son Josh Menashe as he strings up a set of lights on his bushes outside.

When we originally started this, it was to please my daughter, says Jack Menashe. He says they started 19 years ago with just a manger scene. Since then, the display has grown exponentially.

We've had people get engaged at the manger scene here. We've had little kids come into the yard that love to see the train. There's something here for everybody, says Jack.

Just don't ask Jack about the power bill. It's about $6,000.

My dad does not enjoy seeing that in January, says Josh. The electric bill is quite a big expense.

But the Menashes say the project brings the family together. And they get the same message from the community year round.

We're certainly looking forward to bringing our relatives from Canada, from Texas that come in for Christmas, we're so looking forward to your lights, says Jack. He says he hears from customers who come into his West Seattle store and write dozens of postcards and thank you notes. I cannot ever cease to do this.

The lights won't stay on permanently until the display is complete, maybe Thursday or Friday this week.

The Menashe Family will be on New Day Northwest Tuesday. TLC 's show that will also feature them is called the Invasion of the Christmas Lights 2 which airs Saturday, Dec. 4 at 9 p.m.

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