CENTRALIA, Wash. - A 32-year-old SeaTac man is in custody for Assault 1st Degree and Possession of Stolen Property.

The incident involved the suspect ramming an officer's patrol vehicle and the officer firing shots at the suspect in the middle of a residentialneighborhood with kids playing in the front yards of homes.

Centralia Police were called to a stolen vehicle report in Centralia. The Ford pickup truck was stolen from a used car lot. An officer spotted the vehicle, with the suspect behind the wheel. The suspect took off and and a pursuit ensued.

An an intersection, the suspect rammed the officer's car twice. The officer fired at least two shots at the suspect in self-defense.

The suspect fled and the officer continuing with the chase. At some point, the suspect got out of his car and took off on foot.

The suspect was later located in Riverside Park and taken into custody.

The officer sustained a minor injury. He was released from the hospital late Thursday night.

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