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FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- It could take days for crews to clean up a diesel spill at Dash Point State Park near Federal Way, Wash.

The spill was discovered Thursday night by a park ranger. State Ecology Department spokeswoman Katie Skipper says it appears the fuel leaked from a tank used by a contractor painting a nearby bridge.

Officials say the oil sheen on Puget Sound is too thin for skimmers to pick up. They say a greater concern is the ground at the park that was soaked when a tank holding almost 300 gallons of fuel emptied.

This morning a Coast Guard helicopter went up observed a oil sheen about a mile long, but it was too thin to really clean up, said Mike Murphy, Washington Department of Transportation. So at this point we're waiting for it to dissipate naturally and also for the tide to go out fully so we can see what damage has been done to the beach if any.

A cleanup contractor, NRC Environmental Services, has been hired. Workers have put booms and absorbent pads in a creek at the park that flows into the sound.

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