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SEATTLE -Asea lion that was resting on a Seattle beach was moved on Monday afternoon.

Marine experts loaded the animal onto a truck to asses its condition.

The male sea lion appeared at Golden Gardens in Ballard on Sunday night.A barrier was set up to keep people away.

It's a male California sea lion, and there have been reports that he is wounded, said Robin Lindsey of Seal Sitters. It's hard to tell at this point his age or his condition, really he looks a little thin.

Lindsey came to monitor the sea lion and set upthe protective barrier.

The sea lion is lying between pieces of drift wood, so he's hard to see, says Lindsey.

Lindsey still had to direct people away from the sea lion, despite the yellow tape surrounding him.

We just need to let him rest. We'll have people on and off and hopefully people here in Ballard as well just kind of keep an eye on him, she said.

Some had seen a wound on the side of the sea lion, but the fact that he's even on a public beach is highly unusual

They'll use the buoys, they don't come on a city beach so often that's what makes this suspicious if they do that perhaps something is wrong, said Lindsey.

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