NEW YORK (AP) - Jamie McMurray says he didn't even know about the pothole that caused the first delay at the Daytona 500 and required a pink goo filler.

McMurray overcame the two-hour pothole delay and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the final lap of a double-overtime sprint finish to win his first Daytona 500.

McMurray said Tuesday during a stop in New York that he thought it was a piece of rubber causing the delay, noting the track was shaded at that spot. The 36-year-old from Joplin, Mo., brushed off the two delays Sunday, using the down time to talk to his crew chief.

In a wild finish, McMurray outlasted 12-time Daytona winner Earnhardt.

McMurray made the rounds of talk shows before heading to Los Angeles for the Auto Club 500 on Sunday.

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