SEATTLE -Chrisceda Clemmons, aunt of accused police killer Maurice Clemmons, and her husband made a difficult decision Sunday night. After their nephew called to tell them he was on his way to their Leschi neighborhood home.

He said that he was on his way to my house and he said that he had killed four police officers and that he had been wounded and he needed a place to come and stay, said Chrisceda. He was armed and dangerous and I feared for his own life as well as the life of other people because he was very angry and very frustrated with police and he said to me that he could potentially hurt some other people.

Chrisceda and her husband, Michael Schantz, decided they needed to call police.

And because of his mental instability, that scared me, said Chrisceda.

I sent the children away from the house. Chrisceda and I decided to stay at home, said Schantz, I told Maurice he could not come to the house armed and asked him if he would come without a gun. Maurice said no, he needed the weapon for protection.

Police surrounded their home on Sunday night, but failed to apprehend Clemmons. He reportedly made it to the front porch before eluding police.

The hunt for Clemmons ended early Tuesday morning when he was shot and killed by a Seattle police officer.

Now, there's a massive cleanup job at the house, which was damaged by police in the search for Clemmons. Police broke windows, flooded the house with tear gas and turned the place upside down.

It's as if the house was picked up by a huge hand and shaken up and down, thrown back into position. It's, in my opinion, it's completely destroyed, said Schantz.

Chrisceda Clemmons says police and the insurance company are doing a good job in helping them pay for the damage.

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