Video: Battle to get vacation club membership certificate

Terry Evans loves a great vacation, the beach, the sand, the views. In fact, he loved it so much while on a Mexican vacation, he checked out a timeshare opportunity with the .

"The rooms were hitting it because I know my wife, and I knew if I took her anywhere, this would be the type of place she would love," he said.

With his wife on his mind and money in his pocket, Terry agreed to fork over 13 grand.

It's all paid off, but he needs the membership certificate which gives him legal right to everything he's purchased. And if Terry wants to sell, he must have that document.

He's written letters and made calls for months to Royal Holiday with no results.

"They owe me. I kept my part of the contract, so does that make the contract invalid by them not keeping their part? I think it does," he said.

This is not the first time Royal Holiday Club has had issues with its customers. Two years ago I looked into other customer concerns with the company.

Mark and Mindy Nason of Puyallup say a salesman lied to them when he told them they could get out of the their contract and sell it back to the club.

"His exact words were: It was your fault, you were lied to. It is your responsibility to make sure you are getting everything you are being told," Mindy recalled.

After our report the company gave the Nasons a full refund.

The Evans could try to pick a legal fight with the company, but sign up for Royal Holiday and you will have to sue the company in a Mexican court.

I called the company in Mexico City on behalf of Terry and they quickly sent Terry a letter giving him full legal authority within the club.

Terry was pleased with the results.

"I'm more than happy with the response that I got," he said.

Royal Holiday says it was an oversight and apologized for the inconvenience.

By the way, since our last report, Royal Holidays' standing with the Better Business Bureau has jumped from and F to a B minus.

Still, it's best not to sign any kind of timeshare agreement until you have an attorney look at it.

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